The Withheld Flood

They were only friends,
that's what they would profess.
Experiences together changed for the better,
considering an attempt that had the strength of a feather.
There was a spark between them that was like magic,
but the weight on the feather turned it into something tragic

In her mind he rarely crossed the ocean of thought,
While in his, she rode every wave it brought.
Asking himself, "what does he have that I don't"
Nothing but history constructed from the unhealthy drug
They needed Time to fix their problems
Yet, Time stirred the ocean harder in the West
Oh he thought it was just a crush at best
Under the night sky her eyes glimmered
Being in love is what his mind triggered
Always easier to say than do, but she was always in his view
Could it have been better if he never met her?
Kissing her cleared the night's blur,

But she was still blinded by Nostalgia.
He ordered Time to be its assassin,
But Nostalgia fed off of Time

He let the ocean drag him away
While his love left him to stray
He wanted to try again but they were just friends
A lake of love blocked off by the Dam on Friendship.

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