Endless Sea of Sand

Boom! You are stuck on an island.

No, not the actual island where there is sand surrounded by water, palm trees giving shade, and little critters burrowing themselves in the sand.

This is an island where there is only you and your thoughts. An island where you only have the clothes on your back and the can of water at your feet.

An island where you only see the endless sea of sand. There is nothing but white around you, a boat at your side and no water for it to float in.

There is now only you, the can of water at your feet, the white surroundings, and the black boat.

You start feeling around in your pockets to see if you find any clues of why you are there... Nothing by a piece of paper- wait no. A picture.

You stare at the picture, it's the smiling face, you do not recognize the person but their eyes are inviting and warm.

Now, there is only you, the can of water at your feet, the white surroundings, the black boat, and the picture with a mysterious face.

You look around to see who could have done that. Who could have left a person with a can of water, alone, next to a boat in the middle of nowhere.


Boom! You are stuck on an island!

You cough as you push yourself up off the ground, the smell of smoke filling the air. The blinding sun beaming down on you. There is warm, golden sand under your body.

You get up, and there in the middle of the ocean is a flaming boat slowly sinking. You look around and you are the only one standing on that golden sand.

What do you do now?

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Our world
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