Love story that never happened


Laughing kisses among the waves,

One after another.

Splitting our sandwiches in halves

because yours looks better.


Saving up for birthday gifts,

and finding time no matter how busy.

Over the shoulder lifts,

spinning around until we're both dizzy.


It would always be you and me,

hand in hand, exploring.

You’ll make me laugh and feel free,

and you’ll watch thinking,


“What would I have done if I never met her?”

it's a shame you never did,

because fortune favors the bold

and we lost all we could've had.


If only I had the courage,

to press send on that message,

that confessed my utter devotion-

my heart’s warm affection.


If I hadn't appeased my cowardice,

left insecurities to its device.

Maybe then I could’ve called you mine,

and been your valentine.


Love doesn't exist for the yellow-bellied,

their true feelings would always be buried,

among the doubts and fears,

lost in the future years.


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