blue 2 (06/19?)

you are blue in its dullest and brightest forms.


you are the sky, throwing your arms open above me with no clear idea of what you're trying to reach.


no matter where i'm looking, i always see you.


you shine your most vibrant glow upon me, smiling as i bask in your warmth.


then your clouds creep out from their hiding places, drenching me with the raw power of your storms.


i have to run to escape the bolts of lightning biting at my heels.


just when i think my feet are too tired to sprint any longer,


i see your rainbow.


it encompasses every one of your wondrous hues, no matter how light or dark,


squeezing them together so tightly


it's hard to tell if they're even separate.


their light makes me feel prepared for any hurricane.

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