Having Anxiety and Depression

The waves, vicious and mighty and blue, crashed like a storm

But that was in the middle of the sea

For by the sand's edges they formed a light drizzle, two old friends meeting up for coffee


Just small talk

Never hinting about last night's storm that kept her awake for hours

And by the first sight of the sand desolate on land, one would never know the storm existed


-And that was her mind

Hectic and Calm and Bleak - all at once - all the time

But she didn't know how this could be


When one part of you wants to do anything and everything constantly

Another can't find a point in doing so

But people don't understand because they only see the calm


And the calm is all they ever wanted to see

The calm brought for smooth sailing and bright skies, not tipped boats and lost adventures

For calm was the standard, and the standard they liked, but only because how to live through the storm the didn't know


But those who knew bottled it up

They learned it was best

Like a message in a bottle for no one to find, no one to read


And, if found, no one could read the cryptic codes


Because who could bother to learn that hieroglyphic puzzle, with pieces that never fit


Those strange markings were not standard

So they ignore the desolate

Focusing only on the kisses of sand and sea, never catching sight of the turents


So who would believe they are there?

When no one sought to care

-And that was her mind


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