Ocean of Glass

The blend of word and sound 

A portrayal of emotion 

An experience of loss, found 

A knife in the avalanche of commotion 

To hear 

To feel 


My eyelids disappear 

Curdling scarlet blood  

Stills as glass oceans appear 

The silk melody's flood 

To energize 

To comfort 


Nostalgia washes tears away 

A whimsical splash 

Showers of May 

A dash of splendor and ecstasy crash 

To remind 

To treasure 


A beautiful array 

Flows through a corroding vein 

Disheveled loneliness and pressure decay 

In the shadows of my brain 

To restore 

To enlighten 


The ringing of music in my ears 

Slowing as the world races by 

Surrounded by mirrors 

My eyes heaved a sigh 


A readied fist 

Puncturing through glass 

An existence not missed 

I saw past my chaotic class 


People like me  

Without notice walked past 

Could they see? 

In need of a remedy fast 


The headphones were torn 

Straight out of the jack 

A culture was planted and born 

Where color was at lack 


As with every moment in history 

A lesson to learn 

Each has a story 

A fire to burn 


A piece of this story survived the past 

Evidence outmatching history's tangles 

Music brought joy at last 

Everyone's smiles turn up at slightly different angles


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Our world
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