Note From My Concious

I don't know why you're so upset

Do you need some attention?

Maybe you want some affection because your mind is conficted with thoughts that can go on for distance.

I don't know why you don't think you're beautiful

Everyone tells you so

Maybe you just need a confirmation daily just so youe smile can glow

You're growing up now. Seventeen.

You always had a dream of doing big things

But thought it was easier to die than it is to live this life

But why even dream it if you won't even try?

Put the blade down and replaced it with rhymes

I depend on baby boy to show me happiness cause I was blind

Crying all the time over boys who rhyme

Cause love is distracting and encouraging

Meanwhile I'm only seventeen years old and I've climbed more mountains than most of you

My parents split, my family on that other, not speaking to my mother

Can't see my brother, and I'm going crazy

Trying to battle myself, depression's killing me daily

But maybe one day I can find myself

Learn to love me instead of loving someone else

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