Maternal Wings

Raging bells blow up my ears.

Just 5 minutes more.

The bells roar at me again.

Maybe I can squeeze in

5 more hours of sleep

In 5 minutes.


But then the stars command me

To wake up.

The moon nudges me awake.

The sun waits for me

To experience its brilliance.

The wind whispers for me

To come swallow its air.

The clouds beckon at me

To guess their shapes.


Our infinite mother,

The nurturer of life,

Soothes my hair and

I’m suddenly connected

To the nerves of the universe

Once again.

She leads me out of bed

And into my day.

I anticipate the world,

Eager to witness its beauty,

of trials and of wonder.


Her wings embrace me

Throughout the day

And through her,

I stand tall with confidence.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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