I See Through Doors

Independence is.

Independence is finding a place.

Independence, is losing hold of what reality existed before.

You’re hiding inside a tight locked case.

And why? Because you want more.

More approval,

More appraisal,


Independence is.

Opening that door, even though you are afraid.

Looking internally, inside for what you have made.

Now you are peaking,

Your soul is seeking.

Stepping out is a lot harder than it looks.

They tell you study hard, and hit the books.


But that isn’t even the hard part.

Does independent mean alone?

Is independence isolated?

Would you rather be unique, or a clone?

Independence is debated.

What are you trying to find?

Take over your own mind.


No, alone and independence do not correlate

Independence is building bridges, not walls.

You don’t have to wait,

And keep those dolls.

Take a couple more steps,

You’re almost there.

The next door is waiting


It’s your decision open or closed.

A question once, already posed.

Independence is self-love, self-acceptance, self-approval.

The handle is shaking beneath your hands.

The light creeps parting the wood through the crack.

We finish, just to start again.

But isn’t that, what makes us human?

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how do i make this actually the poem and enter it into the contest?

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