Happiness is a Reward

Happiness is a reward,

A thing we shouldn't ignored.

But happiness is not easy

and life isn't all that breezy.

Happiness is working hard 

Even if your playing the right card.

And maybe what matters most

isn't actually making a toast.


I do not wish to be happy,

what I wish is to be free.

And if that is happiness to me,

than fine let it be. 

Because I don't need things to put a smile on my face.

Or a delicious luxery for the taste.

I simply need to achieve a goal,

and then baby I'm on a roll.


But if there is one thing that makes me happy

I know for sure

Is that when somebody smiles at me

I feel so pure.

The feeling of helping others

brings warmth to my chest

And I will be like my mother

smiling in her sunday's best.

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