Sat, 01/07/2017 - 20:11 -- sky__

The two of you stand there awaiting the results.

Palms sweating 

And legs trembling

As you hear a name that doesn't resemble your own.

You smile and clap while you are slightly disappointed.

Why chose to fail when winning has more of a rewarding feeling?

Being second best gets you nothing, so why accept it?

It is like you hand over the victory as if it is your hard earned check or your well-deserved respect?

You are as manipulative as water. Taking the shape of whatever you are placed in

Passing things over with no care but...

But when water freezes it becomes solid like your spine

Solid like your core because you are strong and can't be broken. 

Pick up the golden letters of the word "WINNER"

Remove the dust from its edges and the rust from its corners

Because your victories have just begun.

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