The Princess and The Princess


United States
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Once upon a time there was a happy girl.

She danced around smiled and saw the beauty in minute detail. 

She saw color in everything, even on the worst days.

But then she began to grow.

She would see men and women in relationships

from left to right, but never a man with a man or a women with a women.

She felt abnormal when her heart fell in love with a girl.

After a while the abnormal became the normal.  

But she was judged, she was left out and she even received hate.  

But to her it was all irrelevant, her girlfriend was the best, she was the missing puzzle piece to her heart.

She made her happier than a kid with a puppy. Brighter than the beach on a sunny day.

But it was not all easy as she wanted it to.  

People had the right to vote against her marriage. 

She chanted for her rights,

"Love is Love" "I am a Human"

"We are no different from a man marrying a women" 

But many disagreed with her.

But she chanted and chanted

until she had the right to marry the girl that made the abnormal feel normal.

The people against her and her girlfriend were irrelevant now.

Everyone was able to hate, but they no longer had the right to decide for their marriage. 

Officially they were The Princess and The Princess. 








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