My Silence

Why is it

when I want to shout

and scream 

and howl

and roar

until my lungs and throat burn

as if I had just breathed out fire that only a mighty dragon could breathe

nobody hears me


That fire doesn't come out

that warrior's cry isn't heard

a fiery cry ready to burn down

our forests and homes

and dry our oceans

in a matter of seconds

that escapes my lips

only reaches people's ears

as silence


Like the silence that is heard

in the night sky

more silent than the leaves




that lay in a forest

more silent than the breeze


and sand 

that flies in a desert

more silent

than the empty pocket

that was considered "nothing" until our universe was born


I don't know which burning feeling hurts more

the burning I feel

after abusing my body

just to roar out loud

or the burning I feel

that turns my heart into ashes

as I finally realize

the people that I love prefers my silence over my roar

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