Life In a Letter

Tue, 12/05/2017 - 13:52 -- gdege17

Dear whoever has picked this up. 
Life is as though seasons of the weather. 
Constantly changing.
Snow melting as our tears of exhilaration and melancholy. 
Spring flowers exhibiting our time of blossoming and flourishing.
Summer heat making one want to daydream.
Leaves falling, as we fall in and out of love.
Numerous changes happen in life, as they happen in seasons.
Delectation, gloominess, angst, revulsion, gaiety. 
Things we feel in life, every feeling is like a step on the sidewalk.
We are constantly walking on it but never the same step. 
The world seems so admirable.
Yet all I see is it being treated as despicable.
Everyone is frightened.
I do not blame them.
It is almost as if the world is burning in front of one's eyes. 
A fire so real it is almost tangible. 
Do not run away from this fire, fight it. 
Water will overthrow fire.
You are an ocean, use your water when you need it. 

Life In a Letter
Grace DeGeorge

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Our world
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