Dark Vs. Light

The black clouds are rolling in
The lightning cracks like a whip
As the thunder roars with the pride of a lion
The sky's blue slate is wiped clean by the darkest grays
And shadows begin to cover the streets
The world in a filter of black and white
The wind wraps around me with gentle force
I face its direction and feel it diverge with each growing gust
I listen to the hard rustling of the leaves
As violet streaks highlight the darkness
Taking root in the clouds and extending to the earth
I look up as the first droplets begin to fall
They wash over like the awakening of the high tide under the light of a full moon
The violent mists gain momentum with each crack and roar in the sky
Like a circus master whipping his animals into submission
I am but a spectator, watching land and sky collide
Watching the light succumb to the darkness
I let the rain wash over me like a baptism
The cold wetness of my skin has me feeling renewed
Because I know behind this hurricane there is light
Light to push out the darkness
Light to bend strands of colors across the sky
These two giants will continue the battle for the heavens
The clouds will roll in and out like ocean waves
I will watch as the balance tips back and forth
As sure as the struggle within my soul

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