My Universe

The stars of your eyes glide over my life

Your constellations have me hypnotized

Fantasizing about your planets

I blast rocket ships into your space

But I’ve never landed

No way for me to breathin your space

Conflicted and stuck in your abyss

Lost in your sun...


But I missed my chance

Blinded at glance

So you leave me in a eclipse

Because I’ll never feel the soft plums of your lips

You pushed my asteroids away

So now I'm a comet

Silence what I say

Because you never wanted to hear my sonnets

You never seen my stars in your orbit

You saw her moon

And you loved it

Now I’m distorted with feelings of a black hole

Because now you are gone

And this void......

This void is my home

The stars of your eyes don’t glide over my life anymore

But what if I’m still hypnotized by your constellations?


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Our world
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