a different cinderella story...

Once upon a time, as every story goes,
There's a beautiful maiden that everybody knows.
Her voice was never heard, although she had much to say,
Yet continued to be gentle and kind throughout the days.
But one day, instead of silence, she chose
Instead of being quiet, she suddenly spoke
Perhaps a change would suit her best,
But despite her words, she was seen as a pest
That prevented others from succeeding
Because her kindness was misleading.
Many misfortunes have been brought upon her,
However, she only got stronger.
But as years passed by for this lovely maiden
She believed it was time to fight back, but kept failing
Because her kindness blinded her anger,
Her pain, her sorrow, yet came a stranger
Who lifted her sorrows with her own kindness.
Although her pain went on for years,
All was worth it, including the tears
For she knows happiness doesn't last
She stayed steadfast,
Keeping the joy Inside her heart
From when she was in her youth before she had to part
From the family she once had,
Long ago, in her past.
Despite the hate she received,
She began to proceed
To become some one she always wanted to be,
To be free from the chains that binded her,
To be free from her kindness that guided her, blinded her, from the future she could have changed long ago.
However, one day,
An opportunity came,
For her to set things right for her future to be bright,
An invitation was sent to her household,
A moment she can withhold,
To make an advantage against those
Who disgusted her beauty and thou
She was only a servant she had intelligence, and deserved it,
She earned her paved road to leave the doors
That have been locked for so long, and met another stranger who sang a song,
A song that made her heart soar,
And what was it that she wanted more?
Time she didn't have
Time that didn't last,
Because a gift she received prior
Was about to expire.
And so she left....
She left that open door,
To return home, with nothing more
Than hope... hope that she knew
Would come back, someday, maybe soon.
She was right to have that hope, but began to cope
With the emotions she couldn't control,
But had to play the role
She had played her whole life.
But all it took was one slip up,
And all her dreams were locked up
Until her kind friends saw her pain
And freed her once again
So that her life could be as happy as theirs,
Since she made their dreams come true, with the kindness that she despises herself. And so, as the saying goes,
Her shoe had fit,
And she knew what that finally meant.
Her freedom...
After reading this story, her name is mostly known,
But this story I do not own,
But interpret it in a way
I would like to see played
Not as a role but as a life situation
That could be put into initiation
Only by words...

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