Sink or Swim

Today, I learned something

Something that meant totally nothing 

It made me crazy for a moment 

The man im seeing might just be my worst opponent 

But something about him makes me happy 

oh that i might be pregnant and he would be the babies daddy.


If i am, i wouldnt know how to tell him 

Out in the middle of the ocean, before telling him anything, Id rather sink than swim

I love him to death

But being around him makes me so nervous, it makes me want to sweat

Sometimes my love just isnt good enough 

Or is it that I give too much love 

What do i do with his ways 

 What should i say 

My life is ruined and its all his fault 

My love is always used, it should be locked away and stored in a volt.

My lesson that i learned today is that somebody who loves you, will part your legs

for you. 

They'll take care of you 

and they will seriously do anything for you

A man that will drop anyting and take care of the baby he made.

But my love for him will never fade.


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