The Plate

Dear "oh so worried" person, 

You're asking for a greater city but why won't anyone step up to the plate to fulfill these youngin's wishes.

push them with ambition and put aside their ignorance.

A criminal could be good, it just takes someone to fulfill these wishes. 

Common sense ain't too common and ignorance flows through the water. 

A greater city? for what? No one else seems to bother

You can go chasing waterfalls, imma stick to my rivers 

and I'm not speaking riddles I'm just giving you that tender love and care

and I'm encouraging you to dream on, but I just wanna make it known that your life isn't a utopia

You're laughing right now, but your brother was just killed.

A greater city? for what? no one else seems to care

I have this plate right here full of wishes and desires

so you tell me, are you going to step up and eat it or am I going to have to feed it to the flies?


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My community
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