Letting Flowers Grow (Go)

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 22:00 -- briexe

The most favorable flowers,

Snipped from their leaves,

Snipped from their roots


I want to hold you,

I cannot seem to let go.


A flower so bright is enough a reason

To keep as one’s own,

To beautify the world around them.


You brought color into my sight,

Spawning rose onto my cheeks

And we blossomed a shine in each other's eyes.


Petals that are forced away

A storm that grew to thorn and tear,

Forcing the beauty to retreat.


You’re so far and I'm so scared

I want to never lose what we had.


Flowers so full of aroma

Aid in bringing calm to one’s mind.

Another reason clusters of nature are stolen to be owned.


Nature dies when slit at its wrists to be kept as our own,

When yanked apart from its roots,

For people want to keep them forever. Preserve them.


The most precious blooms, the most beautiful, the most meaningful,

Are enslaved the most and are caged the most.

At what cost does it take to guilt you to stay, if I know you’d wilt?


I want to feel the heat of your skin

To forever be held by you and only you.


I will not bring myself to uproot something so alluring

I cannot retain you here in the pot of this small town,

Where your roots will cramp, where you will have no room to grow.


We grew extensively together

Our colors swirled and tasted each other

As we danced and felt each other’s hearts sync.


I refuse to let you feel guilty,

For having the storm winds force you away

When we know it was what was best


Because I care about you,

I want your petals to grow into patterns no one has seen


Because I admire you,

I will watch the leaves grow strong and feel your roots rumble the earth


Because I love you,

I will let you go. Let you grow and hope to see you soon.


Because I know you,

I know we are still close and that the gentle breezes will carry us together,

To close the physical distance in due time,


To be together with larger petals and its sparkling blush,

With tenacious roots leaking with wisdom, with sharp and powerful thorns,

Because in order to grow as one we must grow as ourselves, I’ve learned.


I will see you soon, to feel your soft skin, to smell your aura, view how you grew,

But for now I know I will have to avoid picking the flower, avoid the temptation, To just say I love you and I hope to see you soon.


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