Yeah… the story begins inside of a black hole.

The exit is clear but you can’t seem let go.

You feel rooted down to the bottom of the pit,

There’s nothing here, so why haven’t you let go?

I guess the lonely darkness is where you’ve learned to grow.

But, is this really the place where you should let your mind flourish and grow?

The simple answer is no.

But if it was really that plain and simple to see,  

Wouldn’t everyone just abandon the place that keeps them condemned inside?

Inside the deepest corners of the hollow and empty room that you’ve learned to call your own?

Once again the vicious circle is connected,

And the simple answer remains no.

But don’t lose yourself just yet,

Just follow me and I can show you where exactly to go.

Just do me a favor and remember one thing though,


You decide which beam of light resembles your own,

And which path you’ll choose to ultimately follow…

Stuck inside…

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Our world
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