Synonyms For Consistency

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 17:20 -- ayokay1

Dear, you( I mean me),

Do you know the synonyms for consistency,

Do you feel the warmth of  tradition or smell home coupled with the thought of peace,

Perhaps you've seen it from a distance or felt something strangely reminiscent of what home used to be,

Your heart has been tossed so recklessly it would seem your only rest is when its dropped,

You crop reality to hide true feeling and televise images of the things you allow others to see,

If we're being truthful no one has ever seen the real me(I mean you), 

You find peace in changing breeze because the constant of your youth was inconsistency,

Constant shifts in your environment made it impossible to sew roots to grow Evergreens,

Yet it seems you and the wind partnered in scattering seeds,

One day you'll realize that life was never about a singular tree,

but about the peace, you find in changing things.


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