Cover Up

Dear high schools across America

I just wanted you to see my perfectly round, slender shoulder

Which you have claimed is an immense distraction to the education of others

Along with my ripped jeans- which wave their knees into boys’ faces

So they can no longer calculate the derivative of a slope

And these heels are a bit too high for your standards, I know

Because if we can see too far up, we might be able to catch a glimpse of the future

Dear high schools across America

I just wanted to thank you

Because now when I look at my closet, I don’t think

‘What do I want to wear?’,

I think

‘What do you want me to wear?’

Dear high schools across America

You’ve taught me that boys are sensitive and fragile

Because when they see my skin

They can no longer read about Women’s Rights

Dear high schools across America

Thank you for wasting our time

Keeping us in some dank office outside of class

To measure our supposed lack of dignity

For wearing an off-the-shoulder top

When you could be learning how to get into college

Dear high schools in America

I wasn’t hear when you taught me the word here

I was busy having some greasy male teacher

Who is there to educate me

Tell me the only lesson I’ll learn is that

I’m too much of a distraction for his taste

Dear high schools in America

Is my comfort too much to bear?

Because last time I checked, it was 80 degrees outside

But my legs will keep my peers from getting a degree

Maybe it’s time for you to cover up

Your high school of America


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