Love is an uphill climb

Filled with trials and tribulations

We hold on to one another and push forwards

Only whispering to each other four words;

Keep holding on, love

Neither of us look behind

As our past mistakes try to remind us of our flaws

They bind us with chains meant to pull us back down

But we don’t fall down

We keep moving on

Moving on from the pain of past loves

Moving on from the pain of everyday life

Resist the temptation to turn back around

And find another lover

Who can take you uphill faster

Love does not abandon you half way up the climb

It holds on to you and encourages you to stand tall

Love will never let you fall

And once you reach the top

There may be a larger mountain to climb

There may be a path to walk

Love will sit with you

For love is patient

Love is kind

Love will endure the climb


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