Smoke fills  the sky

Abandonment is the definition of city

Can we all find a way to forget depression

If we don't

It'll eat us alive

Trapping all of us inside

What happened to the sunny days

Rememberance that's  so nostalgic

So sweet you can taste it 

What has become of this sweet sorrow

It's the natons wrong doing

Pestering gvernment

You ruin everything

Suddenly everything is an issue

Just for once bring peace

Mr.President doing all he can

People cursing his name

He is the glue which holds us 

Why break the seal?

One day we will all disentegrate

There will be no trace of us left  

Not one spect of the hate,the love,the people 

It'll all be forgotten

Make the most of it now 

It's why we were given life

Try harder

Play harder


Work harder





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Our world
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