Loved her enough to let her go

Dedicated to someone special .

Am struggling while looking back at your face
Why it does not hold that much grace !
reminiscing about those little infinite days
Those were more than perfect as they says !
Whoever had seen even in their nightmares ,
There will come this days ,one would have trouble to spare !
We are a current culture obsessed by ,
Infected with & clamouring for something , confessing makes us shy!

You love me so good that I could cry (although you consider as glitch )
There were words that pierced & feelings that didn't reach .

Was I the definition of insanity ?
My world was painted blue.
Probably I'm the instigator .
But you were the brightest light I ever knew .

May be I should have believed in the delirium of interpretation .
Thought I should like to enjoy love of you , was too puny for your delectation !
It's true that there is no such thing as chance ,
You were busy searching ways but never had patience !

So that I have fallen down , can't do this alone .
But without you , can't even plays our songs .
Cursing at the wind , broke my own heart , reassembling .
The time we spent just a lesson , now you admitting .
Why the hell we try to justify , should not sing of love , it lasts , never !
You promised it is supposed be forever , but we are not doing us any favour .
Who can woke up in a cold sweat from dream .
Kissed me half , months ago , can feel the same perfume & those sparking eyes with stream .

Can't believe what did I just said .
You can't help it out if your mind has changed .
You should have understood what i really feel ,
Left me wondering why the hell i ever let you in .

You realised our heart do not live in the same space and I am just a mess .
Now walking down in a long corridor , it's nothing but darkness !
I know from the moment you left , you would be alright
Will be with someone, whom you needed , not me , might !
Though the future is a mystery , love is confusing & life is hard .
A little effort can make sound ominous , 'love' is the word !

It's all too astounding to comprehend ,
You got a hole inside my soul ,
When it's all turns around ,not the end .
Whatelse we can do it's just our Cupid's fall .

If I ever had money , I would smoke a cigar every day after luncheon and dinner .
Weight of the unshared words are heavier that those shared , (although I'm a sinner ).
Don't want to endure you to change your mind .
When you receive this I shall be far away , you wont find .


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