Dear Insecurities,

I am not and will never be perfect,
Stop trying to make me into one.

I do not need to cake on makeup to feel beautiful,
I was born naturally precious.

I was created and will continue to be different.
Get over the fact that I will not be a follower.

I do not need your approval to be myself,
Your only option is to accept me for who I am with all my flaws.

My value is not measured by my weight,
I will continue to eat whatever I like and be happy in my own skin. 

No more comparing myself to others,
I will not let your idea of 'beautiful' affect how I see myself. 

I will be able to face rejection,
You know why? Because it will only make me stronger.

No more overthinking,
All you do is bring negative thoughts.

I will not keep hiding behind a mask,
I will be loved without having altered my looks or personality.

Thank you, Insecurities, for showing me,
I can be strong and confident enough to beat you. 

Yours truly, 


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That's beautiful. ❤❤

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