Troubled Soul

A troubled soul mine has been,

For the past year much has conflicted within,

I was left wandering in a foreign land,

My steady life shattered and shifted into one unplanned,

The tragic split between two hearts,

Left me without a desire for new starts.


A future with the boy I loved I thought I had,

Apart we fell leaving me with a tattered heart thought to be forever sad,

Though this occurrence rocked me to my core,

Little did I know it opened up another door,

Alone I was able to mature and grow,

A confidence in myself I now know.


Regardless of the pain that still lives in my heart,

Stronger I am becoming during our time apart,

Together one day I hope we will still be,

But for now I will strive to deepen my roots as a tree,

For the deeper I travel, the more I’ll learn,

And one day we will be better when we return.


In my heart I find a passion to give,

And to help others feel the quality of love I will live,

For there is more to life than the pain,

So I will look ahead and break free of this chain,

While in this time of wait, my purpose I will embrace,

All along the way finding myself and accepting grace.


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