what is love these days?

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 00:15 -- Tazz22


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What is love these days?

It's a rushed cycled of this is how it should be

Its social media

Showing everyone you're having a good time

It's a show

It's a project

Another thing to projected to the public

A movie for them to watch

What is love these days?







What is love these days?

Its falling into pressure of insecurity

Wanting the wrong way

And disabling the right   

It's telling yourself it's ok

As the repetition of your partners habit

Reeks of future pain

But you tell yourself

You can deal with the smell

What is love these days?

It's a beggar

It's a “don't you love me” kind of plead

Chains you to down

To say that you're not

And it's a cycle of you won't ever leave

Until you realize

You deserve better love

Better love as in

When things gets tough

Love tells you

“Don’t worry,

The rain is falling hard

But that's just a chance

For you to jump in the puddles”

Better love is encouragement

Like a mom yelling for her son at a football game

Or when doubt is laced into you skin

Better love is there to make it pure with optimis

Better love is feeling appreciated

From just saying thank you,

To waking you up with a homemade breakfast

Better love is deep layered conversations

That time seems to not exist

Better love is building blocks of connected memories

That becomes a foundation for a strong relationship

Its not started with sex

Its not started with text

Its started with coffee

Its started with talking

But most of all better love is about trust


You have so much you don't even have to be worried

because loves got your back

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