Something Real and Genuine

In a world where you see souls instead of bodies, I'd imagine it would be terrifying, painful, beautiful, amazing, and crazy. You would see beautiful souls beyond your imagination, worth being called gods/goddesses, and you would see wounds of every terrifying factor that would make us all more empathetic and understanding to every soul we meet. We’d see monsters of all sizes, heathens, Harley Quinns, Jokers, and things worse than horror movies could ever display. We’d see beings half angel and half devil. We’d see hurricanes encased in an individual form and deep ocean blues and beings of all ages with either a flame as high as treetops or a spark barely ablaze. We’d fall in love easily, be more cautious, and be more open to every walk of life. We’d see walking flames and we’d see what hurts who and just everything. It would be… an experience beyond explanation and it would open our eyes to something extraordinary. Just imagine it. <3

It would be real and genuine, something that is rare nowadays.


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Our world
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