Mind Soup

It marches in boldly,
Adulation no retraction.
No holds barred,
Wrong reaction.

It invades you forces you,
Sour taste makes you spit.
Turning your thoughts
into a thick soup of shit.

Your emptiness is full,
Drowning no air to gasp.
A normal thought appears,
But fear's the thing that's trapped.

Here by force,
Expect not to go away.
It's the visitor you know,
The one you've learn to hate.

Your heart implodes,
With eyes glazed and wide.
Throat and lips soup cracker dry,
Look who's here it has arrived.

Your toll taken,
Hefty price from within.
Fight fight fight!
Let the battle begin.

It strangles your thoughts,
Into something unknown.
Thoughts unfamiliar,
And not your own.

Your senses are stifled,
Your mind slayed,
You want to collapse,
But you can lock this away.

You're pulled in slowly,
And everything's skewed.
So you keep on fighting,
But your soup is brewed.

Hitting the ground.
Head bouncing body drained.
Choking your soup,
Oh to be whole again.

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