I was patently yearning to have myself treasured in your shielded custody.
Yet, amidst your compulsive warmth I fell into this perpetual abyss that you build for me.
I could forever wait, I even pined for you, my sweetheart...
Look deep into the hollowness of my brittle heart, the absinthe you poured, don't worry I devoured it all, even deluded myself as a cup of tea.
Deep inside I craved your divine scent on these enigmatic nights and your presence by my side,
I was constantly binded by the fear of being Evanescent from your life, fear of a transition like the dynamic phases of the moon.
Don't wanna be a crescent where my presence is corresponding like a faded shadow in the dark.
I left you a piece of my heart from my poor, fragile frame before being held captive into this abyss; now I accord myself in the hands of Metathesiophobia to tear me apart,
While I stared at your compassionate eyes that I can't get enough of every time, waiting for your arms to hold me tight.
If only you would be there cherishing that tiny piece of souvenir I gave you than to blame me for the other missing part.
I would ne'er be there amidst the abyss lying amort; athirst to be adored and embosomed by your seraphic form.

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