Upside Down

When my whole life gets turned upside down

you are the one that i turn to 

the one that i think i can handle

You have been in and out of my life for awhile

When you are not in my life i am only fine for a short while

Right now i love having you around

It is our secret no one has to know about

You have been here longer than drugs

You were my first friend 

The one who i always thought of

then one day a new friend came along

to replace this one and made me feel whole

After a while, nothing would work

That's when you both left me and now i don't know where to turn

One day you just showed back up

And now your here and i feel stuck

I am back in that cycle of trying to hide you

but people know even though i act like i don't have a clue

I turn to you when i feel lonely and insecure

you tell me all the lies and that i will be fine

Your the one that tells me I don't need help

Till one day there is nothing left

Your the one that can kill me and this i know

But your the one i hold onto and thats hard to let go

First, you tell me that when friends ask

Tell them its nothing and that it will pass

then when i get invited out you tell me that i can't go so i turn them down

Soon friends start to catch on

They ask me what's wrong

I say it's nothing even though i know that's wrong

I continue to think that i can hide you even though thats not true

Till one day i have nothing left to do

It's a never-ending fight and a battle that will continue on

Your my best friend and for now your here to stay

till one day i have to walk away





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