Days in the Ocean by Sheik

Oceans boats sailed into coastal of the mist. All soul disappeared just for seconds. I think of the pride of the goodies, you snicker(ing) the hunger like commercials. All calls no dials she in control of the pain like joy(riding). She ask me about the couple of the keys missing from parties in the Hamptons. Forbes called buffet just to eat.. And the plates is whiter than plastic masks. I can't even fall into a pit with Vick telling me my throat is eating. In seeing the fights of getting her the tone of voice switch. How could you scream YES! Without lying about the tea cup and daughter smiles. All castle no transformers made Hotrod hold my bags just in case the birthday ended early. Its 2020 when you come over just 24 and you just immature already.. Generation is sinking into promises. You can't tell me the world isn't crying with all this rain it coming into the oceans. Skies water is different from emotional breakdown (water). Now fishes are dying from pollutions at the bottom of the ocean.. White could be free as life but light can't see darkness to seek a mic of delicateness.. Trucks isn't understanding the hospitality. Its callings to see the deck for the mini-cruise all helicopters who landing on the land like this? Sheik is that you, no celebrity I'd like to thank myself. All people fake their colors like crayons didn't come from oil.. It's the riches material of the matter of trade.. Let's document the blueprints, and sign off the 1960s like my grandfather all (WIN)ston he was and still the wisest man alive to understand the trip of truth.. No turns unless you in a rush to lie about your life.. Stop signs like racism you'll either have hose like hoes and still spell the word the same.. Move around the meaning how you confuse the waters like poisons. It's wonderful how the peak sees the mountains. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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