Path to the Heart

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 15:32 -- Mikael


South Africa

Path to the Heart

She's the wave just ere it reaches its crest
That perfect moment as it picks you up,
right before it breaks into a beautiful surf,
Reflecting the world in her eyes.

Almost like the way a summer breeze
Dances in the trees;
Flower buds and shed petals
Floating in the whisper of nature

She's like the way birds know just when to fly
The way animals know just the time to mate
The way the moon gets shy just before dawn
The way rain brings hope just before it's lost

She's the hope to so many worlds.
The source of life yearned for
By every universe, every heart
The answer to so many people.

She's that one smile that never fades,
the lingering magenta after the sun set;
The light that continues to shine
Even after it has gone to rest.

Bring along your broken hearts,
She will mend it whole.
The way a tree accepts a branch
A weight not its own

Even then the simple stick,
Cut off from its only source
Grows strong again,
Strong enough to support leaves, life, hope.

She's better than even the birds
Who push their young ones out of the nest
Hoping, praying they will live. Fly. Hope.
She's better than the very nature of humanity;

Where humans slay and crook to survive,
She heals the crooked hearts, broken minds.
The way a blacksmith collects scraps of metal
And melds their shattered hearts to gold.

Her heart is worth more than gold,
More than riches, wealth, love.
Her heart is love. It is life. It is hope.
Her heart breaks for every fault in our lives.

Shatters like hail hitting the road.
The forest where the hurricane struck.
The shack in the monsoon.
The wave that broke the last barrier.

Broken and battered and bruised. Beat.
The way a tree gives when it's roots rot
From all the sin and shame. The darkness.
Dark like just before dawn. Empty. Broken.

But she's the fire flagrant in the cold
The lamp in utter shadow, the sun.
She's the sun in all its glory,
Shining like It does when you stare straight at it

Like a rainbow, she promises
life won't be destroyed.
Life and hope and love and joy will prevail.
As long as she prevails.

Because even the worst storms fade.
But so does the happiest of days.
She falters, falls. Breaks and shatters.
Shaking, heaving with the weight of the world.

Echoing the snow, smothering life.
She is choked by the fire of hate
The hate in the world. The hate in crime
The hate in violence. Hate. Hate. Hate.

The hate in her.

She hates who she is, how she looks.
She doesn't see her value, her beauty, her worth.
All she sees is a world that hates her,
A world that doesn't understand.

The way humans cannot comprehend nature:
Every individual snowflake unique.
Every little hand with its own fingerprint.
Every star a life on its own. Different. Like her

And the world in all its beauty cannot accept her.
It's jealous of her heart, her hope.
And yet her heart is the deepest darkness of all.
So full of love so full of hate.

So full of life so full of death.
An oxymoron greater than life itself.
Like water floating in the sky as clouds,
But on earth it drowns. Sinks. Submerges.

It's the story of the butterfly committed suicide.
She was the first caterpillar to metaphorphise.
The first one to turn into a spectacular beast.
But she was hated for it. Hated for her beauty.

And so she hated herself.
Convinced herself she was ugly
Convinced herself her beauty was
Too painful for the rest to bear.

She died trying to strip away her perfection.
Her life ended with her attempting to be flawed.
To fit in. To be ugly. To be a caterpillar.
Even the animals hate their own perks.

Humans are no different.
They're just the same.
She was just another one.
Except she wasn't.

She was a leader.
Born to stand out.
Born to be strong.
Born to be used.

Like an ox bred for work, she was bred for love.
The lions hunt prey to feast, she hunts to fix.
Fix and mend. Make right. Make just.
She was the rose amongst the graves.

She used to be them.
She fitted, had a place
They accepted her,
Took her in as their own.

Just as the entire monkey clan
Looks after all the young together
They cared for her,
Kept her safe.

Safe from herself.

Fire kills fire and she was ablaze.
If they let her go she would burn herself out.
But you can't control a fire that deep.
Can't control a flood of fire.

She couldn't contain the love she had
It spurted from her, undying.
Like the ancient fountains of the deep
Providing life to the living creatures of Earth.

It all happened when she met him.

He was the morning song to her heart.
One like her. One like her.
He was the dawn to her soul,
The beginning of her life.

He was the catalyst to her love, hope, life.
He was the morning coffee,
bitter sweet awakening.
He was her everything.

Brown eyes. She was his brown eyed girl.
Not like mud, like sea sand in twilight.
Green eyes, he had green eyes.
Green like the soft green of the reef waves.

Green eyes you could lose your worries in
Lose your stress, your troubles.
You could lose your weight, problems.
You could lose yourself and regain it anew.

He kept her safe from who she wanted to be
That normal girl, basic, the one who fit in.
And she was torn apart. Love and hate,
Fear and excitement rushing through her.

He was like rapids in a river,
If you can ride them out
You survive and reach a better destination
If not, you drown. Die. Lose yourself. Hate.

It was the way buck lose themselves in open field
Only to be preyed on by a lion if not warned.
If not kept aware of the world, the danger.
Except he was the lion.

The lion keeping the buck safe. Her safe.
The lion that never turned. Never gave in.
The lion that defied his very nature,
Like she defied human flaws.

Together they were a forest
surrounding all the animals
Without them knowing they're surrounded,
Provided for by the trees, eating the trees.

They surrounded the world with love.
Provided hope and unending love
without being acknowledged
But forests die from deforestation.

Humans can destroy
even the most beautiful creations
Forests, love, hope.
But they don't know they kill the animals too.

They kill themselves too.
Like the spider who eats her husband to provide
They were the spider eating the last husband.
They ate, broke, destroyed their only hope.

But he was there to save her.
To pull her out of the pits of her own hell.
She was his angel. And he was her anchor.
Together they formed an empty collection;

They filled each other with their own mistakes
Hopelessly attempting to be satisfied
Like two sponges trying to make themselves solid.
Whole. Tangible. Real. Hope. Love. Life.

I love you.

Was an absent presence in their relationship.
They were too scared to risk love.
Too worried what it might do to their love.
Make their love selfish, not for the world.

They didn't realize their love was the sun and the moon
The world needed them both.
They had to give and take love.
Shine and reflect. Share their light with the world.

She was the poem that spoke to the poet.
The wave that taught the sea
The rain that reached the clouds
The hope that shouldn't have been.

He was the only one that understood.
Humanity, nature, broken and corrupted.
Love twisted and hope lost.
Yet he knew it could all be regained.

And she was the key.
The one that fit every lock.
The answer to every question
The path to every heart.

But they wouldn't accept her without him
He was the harsh reality
The sudden change.
The bitter sweet awakening.

She was forgiveness.
He was acceptance.

Together they fixed the world.

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