I'm Broke and In College

Fri, 01/12/2018 - 14:46 -- Bobtyme

Dear People With Money,

Attending college is tough

when the world ain't as sunny.


I've learned people like you

make my debt appear.

And it's also you

who brought me great fear.


Yet, Behold!

From law the light shines,

Helping all those in need

I stand patiently in line.


My hope grows 

and fear withers away.

Yet, when my turn arrives,

I am told, "Nay."


So I pray and I hope

as my debt accrues.

If I could play the sax,

I would surely play the blues.


Now please help person

who gives away free money,

I call upon you to aid

my dream of the land being sunny.


For without the weight

the debtors lay upon me

I throw my shoulders back

and chop down a tree.


For without the weight 

the debtors lay upon man

I shall go out 

and purchase a fan.


For with the tree

I shall make quite the ladder

And using the fan

Get rid of the cloud's chatter.


So as you can see

the person with all the money,

investing in me

will help make all lives sunny.



Bobby Strachan

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