Song of Myself- Life of a Worrywart

I, in the current state, is not a state
That nobody wants.
My past state, is also
A state nobody wants.
I, in the past,
Was like a jester
In the king’s court.
Some memories die,
While some don’t.
Both, great and terrible.
Terrible ones, hidden from public,
While great ones are not.
Due to the past, I have changed.
I became entangled,
With a Beast.
That fight, lasts eternity.
Most likely it will.
I have no pride or confidence
I, nearly an outcast in this world.
Thanks to the angels,
 Who work at my school.
They lift plus help that fight with the Beast.
Objective in future,
Is education.
Plus I would get a job that is enjoyable,
And weaken or rid of that foul Beast.
Those are the main objective of my future.
I hope I am successful.

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