Somewhere down the road we took a wrong turn
We became curious of our Cheshire cat smiles
and we fell down the rabbit hole
We got lost in each other's world of fantasy and illusions
Realizing that the love we had was merely a substitution


We took each other by the hand, chasing time
Our universe spinnin round, we lost our minds
We opened our eyes and nothing is what it seemed
Everything was what it wasn't, a new perspective to be redeemed


In this world of nonsense we discovered our heartland
We found our sanity only when we became mad
Two strangers who fell helplessly in love 
Trying to escape the craziness it's all become
As different as we are the the tighter the link
We are who we werent, each others missing puzzle piece


My sanity is compromised
And I just want off with your head
For all hurts and tribulations you gave me instead
Of happiness and comfort and safety and understanding
You became a fool in a top hat, always contradicting
No time for tea parties or any childish sort
Time to grow up and not lose our heads anymore


I am the queen of hearts 
Judge jury and executioner
You stole my heart and now I've done away with her
No room to love or be loved at all
Just an icy core and a brickstone wall
Don't paint the roses red because they have withered and died
Just like you were my wonderland, once upon a time..





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