Concrete Angel

In a graveyard, you’ll find there’s a girl.

An angel from another world.

She built her walls,

she made her stone,

the concrete angel had a home-

But concrete angels can grow old.

The piercing words the angel heard

were the tools they used to steal her worth.

The walls she built can’t protect her now,

she looks so strong, but it’s just a shell.

And as the souls cried out from the ground below

her concrete cracked from the lies they told.

They used her heart as their own source of provision,

when all she wanted was to fix their decisions

from the world above, where the demons prevail

but they blamed her for their deaths as they entrenched the last nail.

But then a cry called out from a tree nearby,

with her roots under ground she made the souls subside

but her beauty above was a peace within,

showing rejuvenation happens in the end.  


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