I Am A Carnivorous Flower

When she came to me

I tried to warn her

Despite the danger

I know I pose

I drew her in anyway

A carnivorous flower

So intriguing

So pretty to look at

You draw near it

To get a closer look

Closer, closer

It beckons, entices

I drew her in to me

Intimately, so close,

Until I knew

She could not leave

I fell in love

With her scent


The promise of her taste


At what flavors

She possessed

Would she be

Sweet, sugary

Like a dessert

Or maybe savory

Like a dinner

I waited, patiently

Let her marinate

In my affection


I ate her



Wearing her down

With my teeth

Through skin and meat


Through cartilage

I drank her blood

Sucked the marrow from her bones

I feasted on her beauty

Devoured her love

Savored her sweet soul

She was gone

Nothing left but her taste

Lingering on my tongue

An echo of her

Taunting me

Teasing me

I wanted her back

So I spit her back up,

Every last bit

Partly digested

Tried to put her back together

But she wasn’t the same

I couldn’t remember

What went where

I did what I could

But it wasn’t her

Any more than I was

A common garden weed


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