The Plucked Rose



Love hurts but a loss of a life outrages
All this she knew as only poetic lines
By her sweet sixteen, pretty gorgeous
Blossoming like a petal filled rose
You see she wasn’t ready for this pregnancy
But during those one night stands
His prince charming wrote a legacy
She adored every moment of the trimesters
To the delight of her pretty son’s first cry

The birth of her Albino son
Triggered superstitious sensations
“She is a disgrace!!!” they said
Plucking her newborn baby out of her hands
She sobbed out but all in vain
Because to her in-laws, it was a belief
That the ritual sacrifice of such a child,
Was a source of wealth and stability.

Like a plucked Rose
Her heart shrunk deep in agony
Hearing every scream fade throughout
This grass-thatched shrine
All that transpired in the
Dark rounded slaughterhouse
Still ring in her minds like an old church bell
This pain of losing her beloved child
She's now like a plucked Rose
Filled with spikes of betrayal
Inflicting grief and trauma
She daily lives with suicidal triggers

It’s quite intriguing how this
Sounds so mythical in our society
But it’s a silent vice that needs urgent intercept
Child sacrifice involves abduction and torture
Child trafficking and children insecurity
And this practice is rooted within cultural rituals
Depriving us future citizens of the next +256
Who knows maybe one would be the next President
The next painter or the Fighter that would interrupt the traitor
Records suggest about a 70% child sacrifice level
Over all recorded persons that go missing annually
The question is what are we doing to end this?

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