The girl within

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 18:13 -- Grant12

While what she knows

cannot be taught

try and walk

the road she walks

Note the stillness

in the trees

mirroring her effigy


Morning knows

to wake the sun

her work is waiting

to be done

she leaves her worries

far behind

before they take root

in her mind


While holding on

she's letting go

she is the river

in its flow

She is that page

untouched by thought

containing truth

that can't be bought


If silence be

her only friend

then as a friend

she walks with him

She bakes her bread

then feeds the birds

She prays for wisdom

not the words


While others hide

just who they are

she cuts herself

and wears the scars

She never wipes

away her tears

while running toward

the thing she fears



how love is blind

she chooses make up

of the mind

And that's the face

she shows the world

A woman yes

yet still a girl


There is a place

where we will meet

not found on any

city street

Only then

she's not alone

within a house

that's not a home


You may not know

her name just yet

but when you do

you won't forget

As for the beauty

of her skin

it simply holds

the girl within

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