because of him i'm relearning loving me

Because I love you, I know you want someone else.
And I want you to find them--you'll be happier then.
I was an outline and instead of being my lover,
Instead of being my color, you gave me the pen.
I said that I love you; you said I knew your facade.
That as soon as I knew you, I'd run away far.
Well, here I am still, in love with my friend.
I don't mind how you feel. I love who you are.
There is something in you that's missing in me,
And when I met you, you made me complete.
So I'm learning from you, now, how to be
Someone who stands on my own two feet.
You told me at school to let go of self-pity.
To stop looking for you. To look after me.
I cried in my math class but I knew you were right;
Now we're both getting better not crying all night.
And when the sun sets and stars rise in the sky,
When constellations are broken, we'll redraw the line.
Line segments up there, from point A to point B--
A stronger connection from you back to me.

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