Darkness Within

Thu, 05/25/2017 - 08:27 -- ONYM

When I find the time for introspection.
Toward enlightened contemplation
or even just reflection.
Empty your mind, relax your body, inner stillness.
Yet somethin' bout it still feel irreverend

You know what I mean?
I don't expect a wet dream.
not like a shot of cocaine,
mainlined into the vein,
with a direct effect in the brain.
But all the same,
it is literally: no-thing.

Then there is peace,
when all stress is released.
With no senses perceived,
it seems to last eternally.
So vast and deep,
deep as deep can be.
you re-emerge reality.

From hence you came,
may seem but a dream.
A refrain from the mundane,
will put your worries at ease.
Yet that same,
trip in hindsight 20/20
Truth proclaimed,
regardless your minds beliefs.
The real domain,
of our inner authenticity,
as ironically:

Darkness, No Light, No Life,
Without Love, No Care, Just Strife!

But here's the thing,
and I dare you to disagree.
Is shocking,
and cripples you in disbelief.
This vast expanse that lies beneath,
is nothing but pure potentiality.
It's alchemical energy,
the force within you and me,
of which all things are conceived.

It's like an inner black hole.
Cozy & warm? NO, it's dark & cold!
The source of all as it was fortold,
by the ancients and teachings of old.
It's the consciousness intent manifold.
The threshold where the void implodes,
into a multidimensional mode.

To seek out this dark place,
can be a very lonely road.
You must leave no trace,
of all beliefs that you now hold.
Then take and erase
everything you were taught and told.
Change your life's pace, this ain't a race
but a test of your courage and resolve.
For you to embrace,
inner strength so bold.

Fell in love with the sounds of the street.
So profound it resounds
with the pound of my feet.
How could something so loud
also be so discreet.
Im on a cloud
thinkin' I hear God in the beat.
But now for the truth of the story:
I DO recognize that voice,
but it's just me.
Moving my feet,
to the beat of the street.
I get down,
when sound comes to me easily.
If you come round',
you will hear everything that I see.

Should you decide to make this inner hero's journey.
Your mind, body & soul versus universal fury.

Sometimes the wise ones I believe,
who said ignorance is bliss.
We have no guarantee,
we will achieve anything.
Worst case I can forsee it becomes a dominatrix
that spiritual mistress with her whips
that can do the one thing
that you never saw coming
that bring your whole being outta reality
not mindfulness, not sublime lasting bliss
just the flick of her wrist on your behind
and you find you cannot fight
so you drool and piss
in your brand new straightjacket
that just barely fits.
We have no-thing to thank for this,
our inner kingdom of darkness.

Just breathe
(Take a second and think about it)
and just breathe down

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Our world
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holy crap this is amazing, i had to read it twice just because i couldn't comprehend how great this is. good job


Why thank you so much.

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