Entry #3

For such a long time, I thought I understood long term relationships and that anyone can have them at any age
Specifically my own personal demographic
But suddenly
A switch flipped
And a light bulb flickered
Or maybe a few Google search results popped up
And I realized
There is too much to do
Too much to learn
Too much to grow into
To spend my precious, limited time
Tied down in an aristocratic relationship
As the average age of death for an African-American female from the corn field riddled state of Michigan
Is a measly 76.98 years
That means that I'll most likely
Spend about 50 years of my life
(As the average first marriage age is 26 years old)
Or in other words,
Tied down
Marriage isn't slavery...right?
Marriage is definitely not a bad thing
It's quite beautiful, in fact
But it's so long
Seemingly dreary, really
50 years
With some guy
That now, as a 15 year old, I don't even know
Or maybe I do
But anyways
I think about finding The One as often as I think about whether water is wet
Or why we say "get on the bus" yet "get into the car"
To me, it's a phenomenon
the latest wonder of the world
So, according to statistics
I have about eleven years to find
The One
Or in other words
Eleven years until I'm stripped of my freedom
And that, my friend, is one of the biggest burdens you could place on a girl like me
In those eleven years come medical school, graduation, prom, just simply finding myself
And now, not only do I have to find myself, but someone else?
The universe truly does work in miraculous ways
And I have the audacity to think about dating someone now and staying with them up until that distant, abstract concoction of
Could you possibly imagine this?
One person, for 61 years?
Living with them?
Living for them?
It's virtually impossible!
And not to mention, absolutely crazy!
Why spend eleven years on false hope? Shaky optimism?
When you can spend those eleven years
Doing Algebra?
Reading five books a day?
Taking endless naps?
Serious relationships fall into the category of Young Adult Things
You may know other components in this category like Taxes, Bills, Credit Score, Debt.
Oddly enough
These things make life difficult
Yet balanced

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