I Will

I Will.


I will lift you from the ground when you fall,

Be at your side with even just one call,

I will show you your strengths when you need them the most,

Push you towards your goals no matter if you’re far or close,

 I will be the light that guides you out of the darkness,

And never let you feel like you're worthless,

I will support you in every decision that you make,

Even if it turns out to be a mistake,

I will defend you even though you’re wrong,

Then pull you aside and correct you as we go along,

I will accept you,

I will cherish your flaws no matter how much they make you blue,

Because that is what makes you perfect in my eyes,

And that’s not something that I want to jeopardize,

Most of all, I will always trust and tell you the truth,

Because I love you.

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