The Girl Next Door

Dear girl next door, 


The fog rushed past my open window 

revealing an endless sky showcasing its infinite beauty, 

with delicate cotton clouds floating apart 

for the silent peach sun. 


Out in the distance, I saw a girl so pretty as can be. 

The gentle grass sang a soft melodious tune. 

The crystals of emerald twinkled in the sunlight against your rosy face. 

It whispered to you in a candy voice bringing a slight chuckle to your sun-kissed lips.


The fog returned masking the beauty outside my window. 

Your blush pink dress quietly flowed in the brisk breeze 

and face looked as though you were not at ease.

Your gracious, blooming eyes perplexed in the faint light.

Your humble, marigold hair shivered in the wind quietly searching for help.

The clouds screeched as you stretched your fragile arms out into the open air. 


You fluttered your elegant hazel eyes as though I caught your attention.

I felt your heart racing as though you were about to burst into cries.

All I saw, behind you, were a set of hawk eyes preying on me

as I wished to know your beautiful name.


Yours truly,

the boy next door

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