Painifully Beatifully

Pain brings the saddest days or the happiest moments

Pain of sacrifice is more bueatiful then a childs pain turned into a starlit lotus

If you lose pain you lose focus

Sacrifice is free-wills desire to feel the pain that accompanies growth

Sometimes being willing to turn to the people hiding in the dark can help the most

fear of pain is again fear of growth

Fighting a demon inside is the biggest sacrifice ever felt

for you or the demon itself

I once felt a demon troubled inside of me trying for forgivness but not willing to ask for help

I decieded I would fight it becuase it was the only way for the demon to gain what it wanted

I didnt know the darkest room in my soul would carry the most growth and light

Fighting the demon was the most rewarding painful growth darkest happiest fight

The hardest battles ever fought are those that are fight inside

those battles are the ones that make a rose or make us lose control of our phsyc

it can create more demons then extinguish if we dont fight it right

see I had a choice I was given two swords and I was told the outcome of each

see one held freedom and growth the other was a soul sucking leach

but the problem was the latter was more appealing

it would cause more pain to the demon that had stole my identity, hurt the one stealing

The other was two fold it caused me to heal and to heal the one I thought not worth healing

The former is pain of sacrifice that causes all the the buety and the value in the world

I chose to heal and to be healed

So when you cross the path with that demon in your soul

remembering its the only way not to lose control.












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