Where do I go from here?

How do I get rid of the fear and pain,The agonizing, yet numbing shame?I want to feel happiness, not tears,But how do I get there from here? I want to get rid of these stormy clouds,Let loose from the unstoppable doubts.I want to spread love and cheer,But how do I get there from here? I need to move on, love with all my heart,Yet I do not know where to start.How do I get rid of this trusting fear?Where do I go from here?

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My family
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Art provided by my brother-in-law, Rikku Min. This poem was written in a time of depression and recovery from drug abuse, fallowing the death of my parents. Knowing I had to get my shit together for my children, yet lost about how to do so.


Love it.Where do I go from here to see more of your pieces?

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