Mon, 03/18/2019 - 00:28 -- KingKY

A tough mind of delight,
Raised by the fire not light,
A shinny hair of the goddess of the night,
Who dares to take hold of the blight,

She's ever happy to mingle,
Although every body doesn't believe she's single.
She builds her steps like an angle,
But not even sure of her bundles,

Between tweenty and more she got up in Love,
To a man destined over her from above,
She was indeed happy to be in this move,
And the wind of marriage has just blown to her as she drove,

This whole thing is getting her fulfilled,
And even the heaven's joy got her filled,
Her offsprings were as beautiful as the garden's filed,
Her Lord's appearance on a daily got her sweetness overfilled.


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